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Bitelon is a modern platform for the exchange of traditional and digital currency, where our number one priority is the security of transactions and investments. Online exchanges have emerged in response to the increasing demand for the exchange of multiple currencies at the best possible price

How to start?

Top up your BITELON account

Post offers to sell or purchase currency

Earn profit

Your sale or purchase order will be placed on our digital exchange platform and paired with matching offers of other users. No action is required – offers are matched automatically. You can then securely withdraw the funds to your bank account or digital currency wallet.

Partner program

The Bitelon platform allows its users to exchange all the most popular currencies on the market. In order to earn more time and money, we have created an Affiliate Program that will make you money without leaving home. Once a registered client gives you LIFE, a passive income that does not require you to invest your money or any activity..


Try Bitelon

bitelon play

If you would like to check our platform first without using your own resources, we will be providing BITELON PLAY demo for you.

After you register in your wallet, you will see 10,000 virtual units of each currency and 10 units of cryptanalysts that you can trade without worrying about any configurations . By the way, you can check other bookmarks, settings, features, of course, except for deposits and withdrawals. Everything to help you get to know the new way to earn real money in the full Bitelon version.

bitcoin demo


Our platform is protected by the best certificates, rules and regulations.

  • Extended SSL certificate to encrypt your private data
  • Blockchain, the most advanced network protecting bitcoin transactions, makes it impossible to counterfeit or replicate the digital currency
  • High security standards and legal protection safeguard your personal details
  • Thanks to hybrid and multi-key structure of BitGo wallet, your cryptocurrencies are not only fully secured but as well instantly accesible
  • Multilayer authentication through two factor varyfication, additionaly requires an unique code sent to the external device, of you choosing
  • Bitelon was designed and tested by various teams of experts from the FinTech sector

Canon of good practice

Members of our team take an active part in supporting, educating and communicating between the Polish cryptanalyst industry and the State Institutions. There are also initiators and activists of the Blockchain and Kryptovaluty streams, the project “From paper to digital Poland”, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Digitization. One of the fruits of strumeinia’s actions is to create a “canon of good practice”.


Our goal is to create the most
secure traditional and digital currency exchange platform.
– Our clients from all around the world can easily exchange currency of all kinds.

We are constantly improving the platform. Our experienced workers, skilled programmers and unrivaled customer care team are all working very hard to offer you the most convenient and secure tool on the market. We will readily answer any questions you might have. If you have any questions – contact us.


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